Disc Golf Basket Behind Second Base on a Baseball Field

You can choose any distance for the “bases” depending on your comfort level putting, desire for a challenge, etc. The game functions in a format like baseball so understanding baseball is helpful.

– Like baseball, you get 3 strikes until you’re out and a putt is the equivalent of a swing. If you sink the putt, that’s a hit. If you miss the putt, that’s a strike.

– Set up your basket and that’s “home base”.

– There are 10 spots to putt from in the field that require markers. There are 4 markers set 15 foot from the basket and those are “single base hits”. There are 3 markers from 30 feet that count as doubles, 2 markers at 50 feet count as triples and one market from 70 feet counts as a home run.

– You putt until you have 3 strikes but can only putt from each marker one time per inning. If you hit every putt without getting 3 strikes, all markers reset.

– Like baseball, the goal is to get runners around the diamond and into home base. Example: you hit 2 singles (15 feet) so you’ll have a runner on 1st and 2nd. Then you hit a double (30 feet) so you’ll score one and have runners on 2nd and 3rd.

– Play 9 innings and the player with the most points at the end wins.

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